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Project:Platts Eyot Energy Demand and Carbon Dioxide Appraisal (in association with BRE)
Customer:Terrace Hill (architects Jestico and Whiles)
Date:April 2006
Description: A mixed-use development on an island in the River Thames in a conservation area in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames with a combination of various forms of residential accommodation as well as office, light industrial uses and a small amount of restaurant space. A range of options were considered and assessed for achieving the Mayor's Energy Strategy:
  • "be lean" by reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency considerations.
  • "be clean" reduce CO2 emissions by using efficient, low carbon heat and power plant.
  • "be green" by reducing CO2 emissions by 10% or more through the use of renewable energy.

Platts Island
Platts Eyot Island (Image: Jestico and Whiles)

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