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About Bobby Gilbert & Associates

BG&A Ltd carry out specialist environmental building design services, typically assessing cost effective schemes to reduce carbon emissions in large developments and to advise on measures of building efficiency.

BG&A Ltd also set up physics models to assess the behaviour of everything from building, to wind cowl, to adsorption chiller performance.

BG&A Ltd supply bespoke training on building physics, carbon emissions assessment, and computer simulation of buildings.

Bobby Gilbert has 20 years of experience in simulation and monitoring systems.

Customers include:

  • Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Bill Dunster Architects/Zed Factory
  • The Welsh Development Agency
  • The North East Assembly
  • One North East Development Agency
  • Metropolitan Housing Trust
  • Many architectural practices and developers

BG&A Ltd has associations with businesses with complementary specialised skills in various areas of building energy and environmental design.

Together these like minded SMEs can give the best specialist service for the lowest overheads but with the breadth of knowledge of a large consultancy.

Associations include:

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