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Project:Cardiff Ely Bridge Energy and CO2 Emissions Assessment
Customer:White Design, Welsh Development Agency (in association with BRE)
Date:January 2006
Description: Assess a 900 unit development to show the relative merits of different strategies to reduce CO2 emissions through the following strategies:
  • Improve the buildings so that less heating is required.
  • Reduce the building thermal load by using renewable energy sources for heating and domestic hot water including solar thermal, biomass heating and biomass CHP.
  • Reduce the electrical load by using efficient appliances and offsetting electricity with renewable sources such as photovoltaic cells and wind turbines.
Each approach was quantified in terms of energy and CO2 savings and cost effectiveness.

Ely Bridge Low Carbon Development
Ely Bridge Low Carbon Development Source: White Design

Exploring the options to reduce CO2 emissions
Exploring the options to reduce CO2 emissions Source: White Design

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