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Energy and CO2 emissions strategies are required for an increasing number of developments and are appearing as requirements in local and national regulations. Carbon Mixer® is designed to allow a building development energy and CO2 emissions strategy to be assessed in outline in a matter of minutes to give "ballpark" figures complete with costing estimates.

Detailed refinements to the analysis and comparisons of various options can then be carried out in more detail to give a final result at a level of detail suitable for planning authorities and other interested parties. The energy strategy output can then form an outline brief for the mechanical and electrical design engineers.

What else does Carbon Mixer® offer?

A Carbon Mixer® Project - Provides instant feedback

Carbon Mixer® uses a method of energy and carbon accounting which allows combinations of buildings and energy systems to be compared for carbon emissions. When entering data the user gets immediate graphical feedback. After a short time the user develops an intuition for the sensitivity of different changes.

A project is laid out as a site view showing the mix of buildings and energy supply systems (both renewable and conventional). The site is then cloned into a number of scenarios and the effect on emissions, cost and payback can be seen when making changes to any of the scenarios.

CarbonMixer® Front End


Automatic Analysis

The user can set up scenarios to compare almost anything to find the optimal energy strategy. Some standard types of analysis can be run automatically including Building Regulations, Code for sustainable homes, Feed-in Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive, Green Deal.



Database of Interactive Shopping List?

Carbon Mixer comes with a large database of example buildings (including all the CIBSE benchmarks) and example energy systems and building components. These have links through to the supplier websites. Emails requesting quotes can be automatically generated. The software can be used as an interactive shopping list.



Add Your Own Data

Carbon Mixer comes with a number of embedded editors and calculators that allow the addition of buildings, renewable energy systems, boilers, combined heat and power systems etc to the database. The calculators allow the user to analyse the performance of an individual system and then add it to the building development. Data can also be imported from 3rd party simulation software or taken from measured energy readings.


The domestic building editor below shows how different products can be tried out in a model of your building to see what effect they have on the performance and cost.
Building Editors


Comprehensive Help

Carbon Mixer® comes with detailed help in the form of video tutorials, context sensitive help, reference information, and email help.


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