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Energy and CO2 emissions strategies are required for an increasing number of developments and are appearing as requirements in local and national regulations.

Carbon Mixer® is a software package designed to allow a building development energy and CO2 emissions strategy to be assessed in outline in a matter of minutes to give "ballpark" figures complete with costing estimates.

Detailed refinements to the analysis and comparisons of various options can then be carried out in more detail to give a final result at a level of detail suitable for planning authorities and other interested parties.

The energy strategy output can then form an outline brief for the mechanical and electrical design engineers.

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BG&A Ltd carry out specialist environmental building design services, typically assessing cost effective schemes to reduce carbon emissions in large developments and to advise on measures of building efficiency.

BG&A also set up physics models to assess the behaviour of everything from building, to wind cowl, to adsorption chiller performance.

BG&A supply bespoke training on building physics, carbon emissions assessment, and computer simulation of buildings.

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